Diesel Fuel Maintenance 

Diesel Fuel has a Limited Shelf Life 

Since diesel fuel is the key component to any standby power system, maintaining healthy diesel fuel storage tanks is critical to avoiding problems associated with the build up of water, sludge and microorganisms such as algae which can accumulate during long-term storage.

Fuel Deterioration signs are evident after only 6 months of sitting idle and can become unusable after 2 years. Additionally, condensation from the exposed inner tank surface along with accumulated sediment in aging fuel tanks can lead to further contamination.   

Engine manufacturers recommend using ASTM grade diesel fuel.The diesel fuel has an effect on performance, considerations for safety in storage and handling, maintenance and possible harmful effects to the engine. Engine manufacturers "do not" guarantee fuel quality, nor do fuel dealers guarantee or warranty engines. It is up to the end-user to use the proper recommended fuel, which can vary greatly depending on geographical location and government regulations.

Our Fuel Maintenance Process 

Step One : Fuel Treatment 

Stabilizes Fuel 

Adds Lubrication 

Fights Algae Growth 

Prevents Gelling 

Boosts Cetane Levels

Step Two : Fuel Testing

Required annually as part of NFPA 110 

Water Contamination 


Flash Point 

Cloud Points 

Verifies Cetane Levels and Distillation

Step Three : Fuel Polishing

Removes Water from Fuel 

Removes Sediment from the Tank 

Filters Out Contaminants 

Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Replacing Fuel 

Eliminates the Loss of Product     

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