Fluid Analysis  

Regardless of purpose and usage, the primary reason for testing generator engine and cooling system fluids is to avoid unplanned downtime with wear and contamination being the biggest concerns.  By conducting oil, coolant and fuel testing on an annual basis, you help prolong the longevity of your equipment and prevent equipment failures.

Fuel Analysis 

Our Fuel Analysis helps ensure that your power supply system will work when needed the most during a power outage, as 80% of emergency generator engine failures are fuel related. Our Fuel analysis helps determine if there is fuel deterioration, bacteria, fungus, rust, sludge or water accumulation on the bottom of the tank. 

We inspect the following :

• Particle Count

• Karl Fischer Water

• Bacteria

• Flash Point 

Coolant Analysis

Our Coolant Analysishelps increase the life expectancy of your engine coolant and remove problems that would occur from being contaminated. By periodically getting your engine coolant analyzed you prevent any form of contamination being spread throughout your engine. 

We do the following analysis:

• ICP Spectroscopy

• Karl Fischer Water

• PH

• Freeze Point

Oil Analysis 

Our Oil Analysis is a quick way to analyze the health of the engine. When we conduct an oil analysis we look at the thickness of the oil, see if there are any abrasive solids present, levels of metals, additives and temperature. Each one of these gives us a great thorough insight of the condition of your engine and helps us determine what next steps we can take to protect the equipment functioning properly. 

We test for the following:

• Insolubles test

• Viscosity test

• Flash Point test

• Spectral exam

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